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Italian Gourmet Coffee, Affordable and Accessible any time, any where...

At highest quality all the time!

Cafe Italiano - Php 35.00/cup


Cafe Latte-Php 40.00/cup


Cappuccino-Php 40.00/cup


Cafe Mocha Italiano-Php 55.00/cup


Iced Cafe Frappe-Php 35.00/cup


Iced Latte Frappe-Php 45.00/cup


Iced Mocha Frappe-Php 60.00/cup


Hazelnut Mocha Brazil-Php 70.00/cup


Almond Mocha Rocca-Php 70.00/cup


Premier's Hot Tea/Cold Blended Tea-Php 35.00

(Darjeeling, Strawberry, Passion Fruit & Early Grey)